Friday, December 3, 2010

Oil Painting "The Kingfisher"

"The Kingfisher"

Last month my brother had planned a fishing trip with his good friend that was visiting from Texas.  I had this idea about painting a "Kingfisher bird" for a while but needed the right reference material to do it.  I drove out there to take photographs of all of their fishing equipment before they left for their trip.  I selected this fishing rod to paint and placed the "kingfisher" sitting upon the handle.  "The Kingfisher" was always a favorite of my father's and I had some great reference material for my bird from all of his old carving days.  The painting is painted in oil and the canvas is only 8"x8".  I had a special frame built just for this painting by a man named "Ron Bacher".  He makes the most unique rustic frames out of old pieces of wood.  He made a few of these frames just for my "kingfisher" paintings and I hope to do a few more very soon.    

This painting will be for sale at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show that opens in January or through my website.

Barbara Rudolph

For information on Ron Bacher's frames, you can email him at:  Old Wood Creations

A special thanks to "the fisherman" as well as to my dad.  It is almost one year now since his passing, and he just loved "birds." 


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know the inspiration behind a painting. It takes on a new meaning when I know the history of its beginning. I love the detail in the Kingfisher and in the reel. The unusual frame seems perfect for the work. Rustic and timeless.


Dean H. said...

Excellent painting, Barbara, brought about by your heartfelt thoughts and creativity.
I have spent many happy hours along creek banks admiring the kingfishers at work.

Diane said...

Barbara your kingfisher is amazing as well as all of your attention to detail in your reel. Love it!