Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sparrow Painting "A Room With A View"

"A Room With A View"

I finished up my little "sparrow" oil painting last night.  Once it is dry I think I will put it in the frame above for the show.  It is only 5"x7".  I decided to call it "A Room With A View."   The show is fast approaching and I have so many to complete before the 15th of January.  This little "sparrow" painting was maybe the most fun to paint of all my new pieces.  I didn't have to make any complex decisions in this one, I just painted it.  This photograph was not taken by me, but a photographer named Robert Campbell.  I think it was a great shot and he was kind enought to allow me to use it.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting Birds "Sparrow" (In-Progress)

This cute little "bird" sitting in the cactus is one of my small oil paintings I am working on for my upcoming "Celebration of Fine Art" show.  It is only 5x7", but I have a beautiful custom frame for him once I get him finished. It is always crazy busy during the last few days before Christmas, but I hope to finish him up soon.  I am trying to think of a good title for him too...any ideas?   I think titles are important and I often have a lot of fun with them.  Sometimes I have a title idea before I even begin the painting.  This time I just had a wonderful reference photograph that was taken by Texas/Arizona photographer "Robert Campbell" who allowed me the use of this shot.   (See my side bar for info on "Robert Campbell's" work.)

Hope you can stop out to see the "Celebration of Fine Art" which opens on January 15th, 2011.  If not ....you can see the website at:  http://celebrateart.com/

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peach-faced love birds....a visit to my backyard

Just outside my window
What did I see?
Four peach faced lovebirds
while drinking my coffee

They visited just for one day
They ate and then flew away

I hope they will visit again
If I keep buying the good seed...they just may.

 One morning recently as I was just pouring my coffee, I heard a terrible rukus outside.  All of my regular birds that visit my feeder were frightened off as four "peach faced lovebirds" came to feast.  I have only heard about these birds, but never had I actually seen one.  Here... just two feet in front of me were four of these beautiful birds.  I could hardly believe it.  They didn't seem to mind me rushing off to grab my camera and taking about 100 pictures of them.  They just posed and ate until it was time to go.  Where they went?  I'll never know.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bird painting "Robin"

"The Early Bird"

This oil sketch is painted on a 10x8" canvas panel.  I am painting a series of unframed little "birds" and this one is of a "robin."  "Robin's" are considered "the early birds", they have an orange breast, a cheery song and long legs.  I found this little poem about "robins" but I am sorry I do not know who the author is.


Robin sits in the apple tree
Singing sweetly down to me
She tells me of her cozy nest
In the tree she likes best.

She tells me that her robin mate
And she herself can hardly wait --
They have four blue eggs, you see,
that soon will be their family.

They'll live together in their cozy nest
In the tree that they loved best.
Happy in her apple tree,
Robin sings her news to me.

Addie's nest painting

email me
Barbara Rudolph
Price $90.00

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oil Painting "The Kingfisher"

"The Kingfisher"

Last month my brother had planned a fishing trip with his good friend that was visiting from Texas.  I had this idea about painting a "Kingfisher bird" for a while but needed the right reference material to do it.  I drove out there to take photographs of all of their fishing equipment before they left for their trip.  I selected this fishing rod to paint and placed the "kingfisher" sitting upon the handle.  "The Kingfisher" was always a favorite of my father's and I had some great reference material for my bird from all of his old carving days.  The painting is painted in oil and the canvas is only 8"x8".  I had a special frame built just for this painting by a man named "Ron Bacher".  He makes the most unique rustic frames out of old pieces of wood.  He made a few of these frames just for my "kingfisher" paintings and I hope to do a few more very soon.    

This painting will be for sale at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show that opens in January or through my website.

Barbara Rudolph

For information on Ron Bacher's frames, you can email him at:  Old Wood Creations

A special thanks to "the fisherman" as well as to my dad.  It is almost one year now since his passing, and he just loved "birds."