Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bluebirds "Bluebird of Happiness" Oil Sketch


"Bluebird of Happiness"

People see "bluebirds" as symbols of hope.  They are among the loveliest of birds.

"A flying piece of sky, a living poem, a crystal note, an emblem of nature's moral conscience."
-Stanwyn G. Shetler 

"Bluebirds" are so beautiful and wonderful to paint.  I have decided to start another little series of oil paintings that I am calling "oil sketches".   I just finished this one of the "Mountain Bluebird" that I call "Bluebird of Happiness".   Each canvas panel is 12x6" tall.  I have been searching all over town for more of these panels.  They even seem to be back ordered at several of the online art supply stores, but I think they will make a nice little gift size purchase for collectors at my next show (Celebration of Fine Art) as well as for the holidays.    I will post more as they are completed.      

No other bird in America is so wonderfully and intensely blue.  While most "songbirds" are either beautiful or lovely to hear, the "bluebird" is both.

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Dean H. said...

This painting looks great, Barbara! Nice presentation.

Though I believe they are supposed to be in my area( Ohio), I've never seen on IRL.

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Hi Dean, I have heard about all of the wonderful birds in Ohio. Lots of birding tours there. Your lucky! What is IRL?

Dean H. said...

IRL is cyberspeak meaning "In Real Life".

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Well..."IRL"... I learn something new every day. You will have to be on the watch for the bluebirds now. It would definitely make my day to see one.