Friday, September 17, 2010

Art Gallery Season "Kick Off"

"Lttle Nest"  (Sold)

Even though it is still over 100 degrees here, I am so thankful our mornings and evenings are beginning to cool off.  Things seem to be picking up in the art gallery business here in Scottsdale too.  It seemed like the longest summer ever and I sure am looking forward to fall.  I have had a few sales in my Tucson gallery this week and things will be picking up here in Scottsdale again soon as well.  I also work as a Fine Art Consultant part time in our Scottsdale arts district.  There is always a big Western Art Walk that is kind of the "kick-off" to our season. (October 14th).  Also October 16th is the 45th Annual "Cowboy Artists of America" show at the "Phoenix Art Museum" too and if you love western art than it is something to see.  The CAA (Cowboy Artists of America) started in 1964 by well known artists such as George Phippen and Joe Beeler who specialize in fine art of the American West.  That event brings many art lovers to the valley and I always think of it as the "Kick Off" to the winter season.   You can find out more about that show at:

As the weather cools off here, be sure and get out and visit one of the many wonderful art galleries we have here in Scottsdale.  There is something for everyone from traditional, contemporary, European, western and so much more.   The art is magnificent here!

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