Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book (new release on domestic violence) "A Season For Savages"


About two years ago I met a woman named Bella Levine.   I used to bring fine art magazines to a man at the group care home where my father was placed.   He used to get very excited over having some new art magazines to page through.  As time went by, I eventually met his daughter Bella, who was in the process of writing this book, "A Season for Savages".   As we came to know one another I found out about her book and she asked me if I would consider doing the cover for it.  I agreed to do it, and this was her vision for the cover.  I painted it in oil and the idea she had was of a mother and child just coming out of the dark.  The sun is coming up and it is representing a new beginning for her.  She used the painting for the book jacket.   Both our father's passed within about a month of each other this past winter.  We re-connected recently and I found out that her book was just released.  It is now available on Amazon and will be in book stores soon. 

This book tells the story of a domestic violence victim who goes through an awakening.    Each person is ultimately responsible to guard their soul from predators.  All women have a right to live life as they see fit.  It is begging for awareness of the growing problem of domestic abuse.

You can find it on Amazon now for $13.95
Bella Levine is in the process now of writing her next book. 
For more information you can contact me at:  br1fineart@cox.net

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