Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bird paintings "Little Nest"

"Little Nest"

Another little oil painting from my bird series, "Little Nest".  There are so many birds outside my window searching and scavenging for just the right materials to construct a  place to lay their eggs.  They are natural little architects working hard to gather little leaves, spider webs, twigs and even dryer lint.  They stop periodically to take a dip in the bird bath since our weather here is going to be around 100 degrees today.  I am enjoying painting a new series of detailed still lifes in oil.  This little painting is just a fun quick little one I sqeezed in.  It is only 4"x4" on a canvas panel.   For more information
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Book (new release on domestic violence) "A Season For Savages"


About two years ago I met a woman named Bella Levine.   I used to bring fine art magazines to a man at the group care home where my father was placed.   He used to get very excited over having some new art magazines to page through.  As time went by, I eventually met his daughter Bella, who was in the process of writing this book, "A Season for Savages".   As we came to know one another I found out about her book and she asked me if I would consider doing the cover for it.  I agreed to do it, and this was her vision for the cover.  I painted it in oil and the idea she had was of a mother and child just coming out of the dark.  The sun is coming up and it is representing a new beginning for her.  She used the painting for the book jacket.   Both our father's passed within about a month of each other this past winter.  We re-connected recently and I found out that her book was just released.  It is now available on Amazon and will be in book stores soon. 

This book tells the story of a domestic violence victim who goes through an awakening.    Each person is ultimately responsible to guard their soul from predators.  All women have a right to live life as they see fit.  It is begging for awareness of the growing problem of domestic abuse.

You can find it on Amazon now for $13.95
Bella Levine is in the process now of writing her next book. 
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Painting Birds "100 Birds to Paint"

"So Many Birds to Paint in so Little Time"

If it seems as though I have not been posting many new paintings lately, that is because I have set an insane goal and am working on a larger number of them at one time.  I paint in oil and have come to love painting with more detail.  I also spend countless hours working on new still life ideas and doing a lot of research at the library.   You know the old saying, "never judge a book by its cover"?   Well....I do the opposite these days.  I am constantly in search of books with great titles or interesting bindings.  (I hope to make time to actually read a few of them too.)  My next series will be on "Murder Mysteries" and each one will certainly include a bird or two.  I had so much fun last summer working on my "To Kill A Mockingbird" painting.  It was very time consuming and sold so fast I hardly had time to  see it in the frame.  That experience has inspired me to begin my new series of birds & books.  I will also include my "bird portrait" paintings, and my "Sunday Brunch" pieces.  I think I am becoming a bit of a recluse because time just slips away so fast when I get involved in a new painting idea.   I have been also spending a lot of time photographing birds to use in my new still life paintings.  At the last "Celebration of Fine Art" show I met a professional photographer by the name of "Robert Campbell."  He has been kind enough to offer up some of his wonderful bird photography to me for reference.  (Some are included in my photograph above.)   I have listed some of his wonderful books in my side bar with a direct link to them.  He also has many other wonderful books for sale.   
     The next "Celebration of Fine Art" show opens on January 15th, 2011.  Wow...that ony gives me about seven months to paint "100 Bird Paintings."   Do you think I can do it?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oil Painting "Hummingbirds In Flight"

"Hummingbirds In Flight"

This 2 panel oil painting of "Hummingbirds In Flight" measures 48"x 36".  It is now available at "The Signature Gallery" in Santa Fe.    The gallery is located inside the historic El Centro Mall on Water St.  "Hummingbirds In Flight" is painted on two canvas to create a fun contemporary look.   I will be posting a direct link to the gallery as soon as the website is up, however you can contact me for more information at:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bird Watchin - Backyard Birds

I am so happy to see the mother hummingbird back after losing her babies in that terrible landscaping accident.  I am hoping to see her build a new nest up a lot higher up next time. 

She loves my bottle brush tree

Flying High

This little tiny bird (Verdin) also loves the bottle brush tree.  She stays away from my feeders and prefers to just find food  in this tree.  She is not much bigger than the hummingbird and she is almost as fast.  I have yet to capture a really good picture of her, but she sure is fun to watch.  She has a yellow head and a tiny white body.  She is very camera shy.

I purchased some little red buckets to hang in my trees.  I fill them with bird seed to attract the red house finch.  They have become so popular now that I have mockingbirds, woodpeckers, a big crow and her baby, black chinned sparrows, songbirds of all sorts,  a thrasher, a cardinal and way too many mourning doves.   The doves I found are very mean birds and fight with eachother.  The sparrows and finch are very friendly and even feed eachother at the feeders. 

"Hurry and tell's the really good seed this time."