Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travel Journal Commission - St. Fabiola

"Travel Journal - St. Fabiola"

This is the companion piece to the "Travel Journal" commission that I posted earlier.   It also has lots of interesting design elements and includes a beautiful stamp of St. Fabiola.  It is a lovely stamp featuring Jean-Jacques Henner's portrait of her.  His original painting of this 4th century female Christian saint has vanished, however there may be thousands of Fabiola paintings around.  The story of Fabiola is that she was born to a wealthy Roman family.  She was married to an abusive husband, so she left him and took up with another man before her husband's death.  This was allowable under Roman law but was strictly prohibited by the Church.  After her lover died, Fabiola underwent penitence and pledged herself to the Church and all of her wealth to the poor.   She was eventually welcomed back and was considered a model of virtue and humility. Henner painted this version of Fabiola in 1885, and luckily several copies were made before it disappeared.  She was kind of a "cult" figure and a Victorian-era heroine.  It is a really interesting story and I got a lot of this information from a 2008 article in Art in America which featured some of the various copies of Fabiola on the cover.  It is a favorite stamp of mine to include into my "Travel Journal art" pieces. 

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