Monday, April 12, 2010


My Little Baby Hummingbird Nest:

After working non stop since early January, I have not had much time to spend outdoors.  Since the Celebration of Fine Art show ended, and I began to settle into life without all of my artist friends...I started to appreciate all the excitement that was happening in my own back yard.  I got a gorgeous hand made bird bath "sculpture" from Kyle Ashley in an artist trade.  I placed it just outside my kitchen window.   Since I love to paint birds, it is in the perfect spot to capture amazing pictures of all sorts of them from mockingbirds, finch, cardinals, song sparrows and my favorite:  hummingbirds.    I recently discovered this tiny hummingbird nest in my tree just outside my back door.  I have been watching it every day and have been photographing the whole process every day.  The mother didn't want me to get to close, but I was very careful not to disturb the nest while taking a quick photo every day.  She had two very tiny little eggs in there.  They were tucked down in there in a soft little cup shaped nest. 


Four days ago the eggs hatched.  This next picture is the first day:

This is day two:

This is day three (yesterday)

Today was day four.  All started out wonderful as usual, but the trees were in bad need of trimming.  I was against trimming them because I didn't want to disturb  the nest, but I had my brother stop by today to help me trim away a few branches from a nearby tree, to keep the limbs from hitting my house when the wind blew.  We carefully worked quickly and quietly to work around the tree where the little nest was.  I wouldn't allow any of the branches near the nest to be cut or disturbed.  About ten minutes after we were finished and had gone inside the house...wouldn't you landscaping crew came by.  They had not shown up in two weeks and would never trim my trees because he only mows the lawn for me.  Well...the worst thing happened.  I heard the horrible sound of an electric saw, so I went running to the kitchen window screaming....and yelling:       "NO! STOP!        

Within a split second he had cut down all the branches.  I was completely hysterical.  I ran outside to see my little nest still tightly attached to its fallen branch.  The four day old babies were gone.  I was crying and really really angry.  I searched for the tiny little black specks in the gravel.  I found one, I picked it up.  It was no bigger than the tip of my little finger.  It was moving, so I gently placed into the nest.  We searched until we found the other baby, then I also gently placed it into the nest too.  We then put the broken branch with the nest still attached up into the tree just hoping a miracle would happen. 

I waited for hours and hours...all day until evening.    I don't think she came back.  I am still hoping for a "miracle".


Ken Newman Sculpting on the Road said...

Miracles do happen, sounds like an interesting painting to me... the impact of humans on nature... You should be pleasantly surprised at the gallery on Saturday!

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Unfortunately...they did not survive. Very upset about this!

I hope to see your work at the gallery this week. I was wondering what you had decided, it sounds like you made a good decision.

Hope to see you soon. Hello to Deb