Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travel Journal Commission - St. Fabiola

"Travel Journal - St. Fabiola"

This is the companion piece to the "Travel Journal" commission that I posted earlier.   It also has lots of interesting design elements and includes a beautiful stamp of St. Fabiola.  It is a lovely stamp featuring Jean-Jacques Henner's portrait of her.  His original painting of this 4th century female Christian saint has vanished, however there may be thousands of Fabiola paintings around.  The story of Fabiola is that she was born to a wealthy Roman family.  She was married to an abusive husband, so she left him and took up with another man before her husband's death.  This was allowable under Roman law but was strictly prohibited by the Church.  After her lover died, Fabiola underwent penitence and pledged herself to the Church and all of her wealth to the poor.   She was eventually welcomed back and was considered a model of virtue and humility. Henner painted this version of Fabiola in 1885, and luckily several copies were made before it disappeared.  She was kind of a "cult" figure and a Victorian-era heroine.  It is a really interesting story and I got a lot of this information from a 2008 article in Art in America which featured some of the various copies of Fabiola on the cover.  It is a favorite stamp of mine to include into my "Travel Journal art" pieces. 

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Travel Journal Commission - "St. Peter's"

"Travel Journal - St. Peter's"

I just finished this commission piece of one of my "Travel Journal's."  It is one in a set I did for a client.  It features St. Peter's Dome and has lots of interesting design elements, gold leaf, calligraphy and two old Vatican postage stamps.   It is on 24"x 12" gallery wrapped canvas.  The old stamps were from a collection that was my grandfather's many years ago.  I think the stamps are really beautiful and add a nice touch to each my "travel journal art".   I will post the companion tomorrow.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bird Series - "The Old Bird"

"The Old Bird"

This oil painting is called "The Old Bird."  I was calling it "The Old Crow" for a while, but realized that a lot of people do not like crows.  It was suggested to me that I just call him "The Old Bird" instead.  It was a fun painting and has a lot of detail.  The original is custom framed and is still available, but I will probably be sending it out soon to one of my galleries.  I do offer this painting in "giclee" prints too, unframed.  For more information about this painting you can contact me at:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Giclee Prints "Memories of Montmartre"

"Memories of Montmartre"

Many of you know that my favorite theme to paint these days is my birds in still-life.  I do however love to do an occasional landscape or figure painting as well as my "Travel Journal" series.  "Memories of Montmartre" is an oil painting that I sold, but I had it professionally photographed and set up for "giclee"  prints.  It features a woman looking back and reflecting upon a memory in "Paris."   I am part of a group called "Daily Painters International Art Gallery."   Most every day we are asked to post a new painting, or something "in-progress" and we can also post prints.  This was one of my favorite paintings and I now offer it in giclees of various sizes and on either paper or canvas.  If you would like information about pricing on these giclees, you can contact me at:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bird Series - "To Kill A Mockingbird"

"To Kill A Mockingbird"

This "oil painting" was a lot of fun to do and also was a lot of work.  I have a lot of the classics on my living room book shelf and thought it would be fun to paint a group of them.  It was painted in oil for a recent show I was in and it took a few months to complete.  I was delighted that it sold on opening day.  Author Stephenie Meyer, of the Twilite books purchased the original.  There are 22 classic books on a shelf and the "mockingbird" has just discovered the book, "To Kill A Mockingbird."  He is not happy about this and is contemplating his next move.  I am offering this in a limited edition giclee on canvas.  (18"x 24")  I can sell it framed or unframed.  The edition will only be to 30, and only in this size.  It seems to be a favorite for book lovers and bird watchers.  

click on the image above to see it larger 

Barbara Rudolph

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bird Series - "Little Sparrow"

Little Sparrow

 This "little sparrow" visits my backyard everyday so I thought I would paint him.   It is 6"x6" painted on a canvas panel.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bird Series - "Nate" (giclee)


This little bird "Nate" was painted in oil.  The original sold, but I have it available in giclees on canvas or paper, framed or unframed.  The size is 4"x6".  For more information and pricing you can contact me at:

Monday, April 12, 2010


My Little Baby Hummingbird Nest:

After working non stop since early January, I have not had much time to spend outdoors.  Since the Celebration of Fine Art show ended, and I began to settle into life without all of my artist friends...I started to appreciate all the excitement that was happening in my own back yard.  I got a gorgeous hand made bird bath "sculpture" from Kyle Ashley in an artist trade.  I placed it just outside my kitchen window.   Since I love to paint birds, it is in the perfect spot to capture amazing pictures of all sorts of them from mockingbirds, finch, cardinals, song sparrows and my favorite:  hummingbirds.    I recently discovered this tiny hummingbird nest in my tree just outside my back door.  I have been watching it every day and have been photographing the whole process every day.  The mother didn't want me to get to close, but I was very careful not to disturb the nest while taking a quick photo every day.  She had two very tiny little eggs in there.  They were tucked down in there in a soft little cup shaped nest. 


Four days ago the eggs hatched.  This next picture is the first day:

This is day two:

This is day three (yesterday)

Today was day four.  All started out wonderful as usual, but the trees were in bad need of trimming.  I was against trimming them because I didn't want to disturb  the nest, but I had my brother stop by today to help me trim away a few branches from a nearby tree, to keep the limbs from hitting my house when the wind blew.  We carefully worked quickly and quietly to work around the tree where the little nest was.  I wouldn't allow any of the branches near the nest to be cut or disturbed.  About ten minutes after we were finished and had gone inside the house...wouldn't you landscaping crew came by.  They had not shown up in two weeks and would never trim my trees because he only mows the lawn for me.  Well...the worst thing happened.  I heard the horrible sound of an electric saw, so I went running to the kitchen window screaming....and yelling:       "NO! STOP!        

Within a split second he had cut down all the branches.  I was completely hysterical.  I ran outside to see my little nest still tightly attached to its fallen branch.  The four day old babies were gone.  I was crying and really really angry.  I searched for the tiny little black specks in the gravel.  I found one, I picked it up.  It was no bigger than the tip of my little finger.  It was moving, so I gently placed into the nest.  We searched until we found the other baby, then I also gently placed it into the nest too.  We then put the broken branch with the nest still attached up into the tree just hoping a miracle would happen. 

I waited for hours and hours...all day until evening.    I don't think she came back.  I am still hoping for a "miracle".

Friday, April 9, 2010

Floral - "San Miguel Orchid"

San Miguel Orchid

This oil painting of an orchid on canvas is 18"x 24" and I painted it during an oil painting trip to beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  It comes with this ornate frame.  It is now available at a very special price.  (50% off the price on my website if you contact me directly.)   For more information just email me at:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Travel Journal - The Three Graces

Travel Journal "The Three Graces"

This "Travel Journal" on 8"x8" gallery wrapped canvas is one from a group that I did for a recent show.  All of my architectural ones sold and I still have a few of my favorites with various figurative images.  This one is of "The Three Graces" and includes a beautiful stamp from Paraguay.   Each Travel Journal is created with various layers of texture, paint, gold leaf and all sorts of little surprises within.  These make wonderful gifts.  For more information you can contact me at:


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bird Series - American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

This little oil paintng of an American Goldfinch is on gallery wrapped canvas 8"x 8" x 2".  The border is gold leafed over texture to create a unique frame.  It is painted around the edge.  This size looks wonderful displayed on an easel too.  For more information you can contact me at:
$ 225.