Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird Series "Little Beethoven"

"Little Beethoven"

We are just entering our second week now of the "Celebration of Fine" Art show in Scottsdale.  We still have 9 weeks to go, and the first week was wonderful despite the terrible storm we had and the extremely cold weather.  We were so fortunate that everything was ok.  The sun is shining again and I could even see snow on the distant mountains as I drove into work today at the show.  Snow is a rare site for us to see from here being in the desert.  The air is so clean crisp and fresh now and the drive in early in the morning is spectacularly beautiful after all the rain. 

This painting is called "Little Beethoven."   It is 20"x 20" and is painted on gallery wrapped canvas.  I read that the first five sounds that a "song sparrow" makes, matches Beethoven's 5th symphony.  I thought that "Little Beethoven" would be a perfect title for my oil painting of this little song sparrow.  It is a mixed media oil painting.  The border was created first with texture and gold leaf.  Then the interior was painted in oil.  The feather that I painted was actually from a feather I studied from a bird that Liberty Wildlife had on display at the show last season.  They bring out various types of birds to be photograhed or painted by the artist, as well as for the public to learn about them.  This feather worked itself well into the painting.   "Little Beethoven" is for sale now at the Celebration of Fine Art show, I hope you can stop by for a visit.

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Caio Fernandes said...

not just beautiful .... i adore your ability to build elegance .... is something i feel like to stay close .
my eyes have no way to express gratitude , and i am bad with words . but i loved this work .

have a great week Barbara !!!