Friday, January 29, 2010

Bird Series - "Sugar Rush" Oil on canvas

"Sugar Rush"

This oil painting is on gallery wrapped canvas.  The size is 24 x 6 x 2".  "Sugar Rush" is a painting of a broad-billed hummingbird.  It is available now at the Celebration of Fine Art show which runs through March 28th in Scottsdale, Arizona.  For more information you can contact me at:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bird Series "Little Beethoven"

"Little Beethoven"

We are just entering our second week now of the "Celebration of Fine" Art show in Scottsdale.  We still have 9 weeks to go, and the first week was wonderful despite the terrible storm we had and the extremely cold weather.  We were so fortunate that everything was ok.  The sun is shining again and I could even see snow on the distant mountains as I drove into work today at the show.  Snow is a rare site for us to see from here being in the desert.  The air is so clean crisp and fresh now and the drive in early in the morning is spectacularly beautiful after all the rain. 

This painting is called "Little Beethoven."   It is 20"x 20" and is painted on gallery wrapped canvas.  I read that the first five sounds that a "song sparrow" makes, matches Beethoven's 5th symphony.  I thought that "Little Beethoven" would be a perfect title for my oil painting of this little song sparrow.  It is a mixed media oil painting.  The border was created first with texture and gold leaf.  Then the interior was painted in oil.  The feather that I painted was actually from a feather I studied from a bird that Liberty Wildlife had on display at the show last season.  They bring out various types of birds to be photograhed or painted by the artist, as well as for the public to learn about them.  This feather worked itself well into the painting.   "Little Beethoven" is for sale now at the Celebration of Fine Art show, I hope you can stop by for a visit.

For more information you can contact me at:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TRAVEL JOURNAL - Angel with Magyar Postage

From my "Travel Journal" series, this piece is 20"x 16" on canvas.  The border was created with several layers of texture and gold leaf.  The interior is an angel with a beautiful postage stamp "Magyar Posta".   It is now available at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show which opened on January 16th.
See more of my "Travel Journal Art" in various sizes on my webpage.  If you are in the Scottsdale area, it is a show not to miss.  Stop by studio #224 at the show, or you may contact me at: for more information. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BIRD SERIES - "To Kill A Mockingbird"

 "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Did you know that it is considered a sin to kill a mockingbird?  They don't do anything but sing their hearts out for us.   This oil painting I just finished has a series of 22 books on a shelf.  Many of the "classics" are included here as well as some from my own collection.  The book "To Kill A Mockingbird" appears to have caught the attention of the mockingbird standing above it....he must be thinking "what the heck....I don't like this at all!

This was a fun painting to do, but very tedious.  I just got it framed and hung up for our grand opening at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show which opens today.  The show runs daily for the next ten weeks in Scottsdale Arizona.  You can see the show website at:

If you would like more information about "To Kill A Mockingbird" and cannot make it to the show, please contact me at:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bird Series - "The Birds & The Bee's"

The Bird's & The Bee's

"The Birds & The Bee's" is finished and is going to be available at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show in Scottsdale Arizona which opens to the public on January 16th, 2010.  It is an oil on canvas and is 48"x 48".   If you are in the area, this is a show that you don't want to miss.  For more information you can contact me at:

Celebration of Fine Art:

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 8, 2010



This is a "detail" of a painting in progress from my "bird series".  There are just a few finishing touches before I post the entire painting, which is 48"x 48".  It is painted in oil on gallery wrapped canvas.  "The Birds & The Bee's will be on display at the Celebration of Fine Art show which opens on January 16th.  (There is a collectors night event, which actually opens on January 15th.)  It is the 20th anniversary of this wonderful show and there is so much to do before it opens.  It brings 100 artists from all over the country together under one roof to set up their own studios to work in over the next ten weeks.  Each year we come together at this time to begin the overwhelming task of the construction of our individual studios.  Some of the studios themseleves are literally works of art.  The construction begins on Monday morning early...then we work like mad all week to the piercing sound of drills, saws and hammers....just in time for the "Opening Event at the end of the week."   It is just amazing to see the empty shell of 40,000 square feet transformed into a premiere art event which truly is a "Celebration of Fine Art."

For more information you can contact me at:

Visit the Celebration of Fine Arts website:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

BIRD SERIES - "High Tea"


This is my new oil painting on canvas called "High Tea."   It is a little bird sitting in some of my favorite tea cups.  The pretty tea cups have been in my family for a long time, and really are hardly ever used...that is until I decided to start "painting them.  You can see a previous post of mine titled "Nana's Cup" to see another recent painting.  "High Tea" is 12"x 9" and will be custom framed and available at my show on January 16th at the "Celebration of Fine Art."   (It will also be available through my website soon, and I will also be offering prints for sale.)   In the mean time, enjoy a cup of tea!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

VIOLIN TRAVEL JOURNAL - for "The Art of Music"

PAINTED VIOLIN - A donation for "The Art of Music"  (Tucson Symphony) 

A while back I was asked to paint a violin that was to be auctioned off to raise money for the Tucson Symphony.  I decided to create one of my "Travel Journal" paintings on the violin to give it that "old world" look.  A friend of my father's is an accomplished violinist and he also makes amazing violins.  He restrung the instrument for me after the painting was complete.  It was then delivered to the gallery that was hosting the painted instruments until they were auctioned off at the fund raising event.   I never found out who actually ended up getting the violin, but I hope it has become a nice conversation piece for them.  It actually had a pretty nice sound to it as well, thanks to Jack, (the man that really made it work.)

It was really a fun project, and I was happy to do this since I love the "symphony."