Sunday, December 27, 2009

TRAVEL JOURNALS with "Poste Vaticane" stamps



These are a couple of my new "Travel Journals."  The first "Travel Journal" is 12"x 4" and includes an old "Poste Vaticane" postage stamp.  The small one is only 4"x 4" and also includes another "Poste Vaticane" stamp.  Both are on the deep gallery wrapped canvas.  The edges of the canvas are painted black.  The stamps are from a collection of my grandfather's.  The stamps are really interesting and work well with the images of St. Peter's dome.  I incorporate things from my travels as well as old maps, illuminated manuscripts, gold leaf and whatever else I can collage into them to help tell a story or to create a memory.  They are fun to make, but are extremely time consuming and tedious.  There are many layers of paint and collage elements, texture and of course the right stamp.  They are finsihed with two coats of varnish to help bring out the colors and to preserve them.  They will be for sale at the Celebration of Fine Art show which opens on January 16th.
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