Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Mixed media oil painting on wood panel.  (SOLD) 
This is from my "Contemporary Icon" series.   As I am preparing for an upcoming show in January, I haved moved into a more "realistic" style of painting than when I was doing these "abstracted icons."  I did have success with this series and I still enjoy doing them from time to time, and also will do commissions.  They are fun to paint and I only have a few left for sale from this series.  I have often been criticized for painting various subjects instead of having "one consistent style of work."  I suppose I look at this as an opportunity to show another side of me.  I love to explore various things and I learn something each time.  Sometimes my mood is to paint "landscapes" other times figurative.  Most recently I have been working on more realistic still lifes that include "birds."  I am very excited about my new direction and I will be posting the new work very soon.  They are extremely time consuming, but I have really enjoyed the challenge and am getting excited about the opportunity to get a response from the new work. 


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