Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old World Style - Reclining Figure

This piece was also painted in casein.  The original was 30"x 30" on artist cotton rag paper.   This beautiful soft fabriano paper works fantastic with this "old world" effect.   A layer of texture is applied quickly over the paper as a primer, careful not to cover every inch of the paper.  Leaving areas unprimed will help to create all of the wonderful patches and shadows once I apply the paint.  The paint is absorbed into the unprimed areas quickly and helps to create this wonderful aged look.  Several layers of paint are applied and rubbed back out with a rag, over and over until the desired effect is achieved.  Then the figure is ready to begin.     I painted so many of these back when this "old world" look was so popular.  It must have been about 15 years ago, because my daughter is now 16.  I remember doing a lot of these during that time.  I am seeing a bit of a come back to this "old world" look, or maybe I am just hopeful because I love to paint  them.  I am starting to see this style in some of the magazines as well as in many of the luxury homes I get to see while doing installs from the gallery I represent.  My original painting is long gone now, but prints are available in small sizes only.


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