Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old World Style figurative painting

Another figure painting with casein.  

I did this painting a long time ago when I was often working with casein pigments.  It works so well with this "old world" style.  I came across some of my old sketch books and also found some photographs of  my earlier work.  I can't remember the title I gave her, but I just really enjoyed painting these figurative pieces.  Back in the day....I painted a lot in this style for the art company I worked for.  An idea or a pose would be taken from one of the "old masters" and then incorporated into a new "old world" style  painting.   It was part of my training I guess, and I loved doing it.  I am currenly working extra hard and long as I am preparing for the next Celebration of Fine Art show which opens in January 2010.  It is such a fabulous show to be a part of, bringing 100 artists together from all over the country to exhibit and work together for the ten week show.   I am also working as a part time art consultant right now and am dividing my time between the gallery job and my own painting.  As I am moving into a more detailed and realistic style of painting, each one can be quite time consuming, so I will occasionally post some of my earlier works until I complete my new series.  If you are interested in reading a little bit about the Celebration of Fine Art show you can see the web page at:    This year will be the 20th anniversary of that show, and it will be my 5th year participating.  I can hardly wait, however I have so much to do before it opens.
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Ken Newman Sculpting on the Road said...

Sorry, been meaning to follow for a while, love the Old World, New World concept. We are in MD and looking forward to seeing you at the Celebration of Fine Art.

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Hey, I am really looking forward to seeing you, Debbie and Emma too, along with all of your new pieces. It looks like you have had some fun adventures these past months while on the road. Take care and see you in a couple of months. (Great photos on your recent blog post)