Sunday, November 29, 2009

FLORAL SERIES - "Lily of the Valley"

Lily of the Valley

This painting is really from my "Old World" series, but also fits into my "Floral series" of paintings.  I did this one years ago, it was a series of three 44"x 30".   I have started to become interested in doing more in this style again.  I love to create interesting backgrounds first and often will add gold leaf elements.  In this painting I created the border in gold.  I always start with the "red" underpainting so that once the gold leaf is applied, it helps to create the "old world" feel.  Many layers of paint are then washed over the surface and wiped off again numerous times to help create the aged look.  It was painted in "casein." 

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

FLORAL SERIES - "Peony On Gold"


This is an oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas.  30"x  10"  It has a gold leafed background behind the peony.  This is one that I sold during one of my art shows, but I have some new ones in the works in this style that will be available at the upcoming "Celebration of Fine Art show" as well as on my website.
(Commissions are welcome)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bird Series - "Uh-Oh"


This is an oil painting on canvas of a Black-crested Titmouse.  The egg has just fallen from the nest, "Uh-Oh"... as he has been up to some mischief.  
The size is 30"x 10".  It is a kind of a "feel good" painting, and is from my "bird series."


Friday, November 20, 2009

"Red Tulip"

"Red Tulip"

This oil painting is on gallery wrapped canvas 20"x 5" with a gold leafed background.  I have several available in this size for the holiday season.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Travel Journal "Torso of Aphrodite"

Here is one of my new "Travel Journals" on 7"x 5" gallery wrapped canvas.  The edges are painted black and it features "The Torso of Aphrodite" with a beautiful postage stamp from Paraguay.    My interest in stamps started with a few binders of gorgeous stamps that my grandfather had.  He was a stamp collector.  A few of the binders of stamps were tucked away in storage for many years after his passing, and were never really discovered until my adult life.  I always thought they were interesing and many were quite beautiful.  I started to collect them from my own travels and over the years started to incorporate them into some of my paintings.  I now have a few collectors and friends that mail me interesting stamps to use in my artwork.  It is always fun to create a memory for someone and to place one of the beautiful stamps into the piece.  These make wonderful gifts.
$ 75.00


Monday, November 16, 2009

Travel Journal Series - "Poste Vaticane"

Travel Journal - "Poste Vaticane"

This is one of my new Travel Journals on canvas.  The size is 7"x5".  I have a beautiful collection of stamps and some are very interesting and are from the Vatican.  I incorporated this one with St. Peter's Dome to go with the "Poste Vaticane" stamp.    This mixed media collage painting has lots of interesting elements and is embellished with gold leaf and the beautiful stamp.   They make great gifts and are nice to display on an easel. 
$ 75.00

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Old World Style - Reclining Figure

This piece was also painted in casein.  The original was 30"x 30" on artist cotton rag paper.   This beautiful soft fabriano paper works fantastic with this "old world" effect.   A layer of texture is applied quickly over the paper as a primer, careful not to cover every inch of the paper.  Leaving areas unprimed will help to create all of the wonderful patches and shadows once I apply the paint.  The paint is absorbed into the unprimed areas quickly and helps to create this wonderful aged look.  Several layers of paint are applied and rubbed back out with a rag, over and over until the desired effect is achieved.  Then the figure is ready to begin.     I painted so many of these back when this "old world" look was so popular.  It must have been about 15 years ago, because my daughter is now 16.  I remember doing a lot of these during that time.  I am seeing a bit of a come back to this "old world" look, or maybe I am just hopeful because I love to paint  them.  I am starting to see this style in some of the magazines as well as in many of the luxury homes I get to see while doing installs from the gallery I represent.  My original painting is long gone now, but prints are available in small sizes only.


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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old World Style figurative painting

Another figure painting with casein.  

I did this painting a long time ago when I was often working with casein pigments.  It works so well with this "old world" style.  I came across some of my old sketch books and also found some photographs of  my earlier work.  I can't remember the title I gave her, but I just really enjoyed painting these figurative pieces.  Back in the day....I painted a lot in this style for the art company I worked for.  An idea or a pose would be taken from one of the "old masters" and then incorporated into a new "old world" style  painting.   It was part of my training I guess, and I loved doing it.  I am currenly working extra hard and long as I am preparing for the next Celebration of Fine Art show which opens in January 2010.  It is such a fabulous show to be a part of, bringing 100 artists together from all over the country to exhibit and work together for the ten week show.   I am also working as a part time art consultant right now and am dividing my time between the gallery job and my own painting.  As I am moving into a more detailed and realistic style of painting, each one can be quite time consuming, so I will occasionally post some of my earlier works until I complete my new series.  If you are interested in reading a little bit about the Celebration of Fine Art show you can see the web page at:    This year will be the 20th anniversary of that show, and it will be my 5th year participating.  I can hardly wait, however I have so much to do before it opens.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old World style painting "Classical Dance"

"Classical Dance"

This painting was painted on 100% cotton rag paper.  (30"x 30").   I started by applying a texture medium over the paper first which helps to create a distressed look once it drys.  It was painted in casein which also works well for this "old world" effect.  Casein is actually a milk based pigment, and is water soluble and permanent.   It drys with a matte-like effect.  I don't paint with casein as often as I did some years back, but it is a wonderful medium to work with when trying to achieve the "old world" look that I love so much.   The original "Classical Dance" sold, but I have prints available in a variety of sizes.  You can contact me for more infornation at:

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Sunday, November 8, 2009



This is from my "Travel Journal" series of mixed media paintings.  It was created on a gallery wrapped canvas 8"x 8" and the deep edges are painted black.  I love to include a beautiful postage stamp, and this one has the Botticelli Venus.  I have included pieces of an old map, music paper and touches of gold leaf.   These look wonderful displayed on an easel and also make great gifts.  If you have a special stamp or remnants from one of your travels, I am happy to create one just for you.
$ 150.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Travel Journal Holiday Gifts - Bookmark Tags

Travel Journal style handmade bookmark/cards

With the holidays right around the corner I have been working on some smaller items for sale in my "Travel Journal" style.   Each of these is painted on artist 100% cotton rag paper, with gold leaf elements and always includes a beautiful postage stamp.  I have all kinds of designs available.  Each one comes with a beaded tassel and with an envelope for gift giving.  You can contact me if you would like to see more designs:
$ 25.00 each

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ascension From The Garden

This is a mixed media oil painting with collage elements in the underpainting.  It is from my floral series, but also ties in with my Travel Journal series of paintings.  There is a lot of interesting elements included like gold leaf, script, St. Peters Dome and many other hidden surprises.  This painting sold however I love doing commissions for people that incorporate ideas and memoirs from their own travels.  This was painted on canvas, and the size is 48" x 24".

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Monday, November 2, 2009

TRAVEL JOURNAL SERIES - Angel with Magyar Postage

Travel Journal with Angel and Magyar Postage

This is a mixed media collage painting on canvas.  The size is 16" x 20" and it includes a raised gold leaf pattern for the border that took many layers to create.  I then wash several layers of paint over the gold leafed area to create an "old world" feel.  The interior of the "travel journal" has lots of interesting elements and includes a beautiful Magyar postage stamp.  The edges of the canvas are painted black.

$ 295.

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