Thursday, October 15, 2009

TRAVEL JOURNAL SERIES - "Botticelli Venus"

This is from my "Travel Journal" series. It is a mixed
media painting on canvas with various collage elements,
gold leaf and a beautiful Botticelli Venus postage stamp.
This painting was part of a set of three (24 x 12") that I had at
my last CFA art show. Although the set has sold, I am in the
process of creating about 30 or more of these for my next
Celebration of Fine Art show that opens in January 2010.
(The set was purchased for a collection at the Robert Morris
College in Chicago, which was very exciting for me.)

Each Travel Journal is unique and I will have them available
in various sizes for sale. Many of them have been completed
and I will begin posting them as soon as I get them all
photographed. Each year at this show, I meet so many
wonderful people from all over the world. Many have become
"collectors" of my "Travel Journals." A few people I have
met over the years have been so kind and have sent me old
postage stamps from their own collections, or just from their
travels abroad. It is always a joy to be able to incorporate
something personal like that into a piece of art. I can custom
personalize the paintings for my clients with other things too
that they provide such as old passports, love letters, poems,
or whatever they desire. I incorporate these into my
underpaintings, so the painting becomes more meaningful to
the client. I always finish them off with a beautiful old postgage

Watch for more in this style, and please leave any comments
you have. They are always appreciated.
Happy Travels!

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Caio Fernandes said...

this has an fantastic efect !!
it is really beatifull !

see you Barbara !!

labrown said...

Beautiful! I just saw Venus in Italy. Big painting and very nice to look at. I am glad I stopped by today. You have a ton of very nice pieces!

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Thank you so much, your blog is WONDERFUL! I love to read it, and wishing I was in Italy.