Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FLORAL SERIES - "The Three Graces"

"The Three Graces"
This is a mixed media painting on 36"x 48" gallery wrapped
canvas. The background was created with many layers of texture
and then painted with a deep red underpainting. Once the
red area dried, then the gold leaf was carefully applied and
burnished in. I then rubbed in several more layers of paint,
washing over the gold leaf, filling in and wiping off over and
over to create an "old world" look. Once the background was
finished I painted the three roses. It is a very striking piece
that fits in well with my "contemporary icon series" too.
This painting is for sale in one of my galleries in Delray Beach,
You can contact me for more information on this painting
or see my links page on my website at:
Commissions in this style are welcome.

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