Tuesday, October 6, 2009



This is a mixed media oil painting on canvas in a style
that I call my "Contemporary Icon Series." I was painting
a lot of these a few years back and did very well with
them. Over the years I have started to go in a different
direction with my painting, however I still enjoy doing
these occasionally. This one is 36"x 12" and is available
at one of my galleries: http://www.janehamiltonfineart.com/
There is a lot of beautiful texture and design elements
in the gold leafed sections and it also has raised gold
mica in areas of the composition. It is an unframed
piece but is on a gallery wrapped canvas that
is painted all around the edges. You can see more in
this style on my website at"

contact: br1fineart@cox.net

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Caio Fernandes said...

first of all , this is a great name for the painting !!
and very good work .
i went to the links and saw many works of you .
i got so impressed by the fact that you have so good skills for painting !!
all so well done in any style .
i loved a purple landscape ...this is very special for me .
i noticed you paint standed ...what made me wonder how you can work with so much precision all the details on your paintings .
i say this because i sit for to paint .
well ....
thank you for this post and links .
it was inspiring ....

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Thank you for your comments and also for taking the time to view some other works and to share your thoughts about the paintings you liked. This series I did (the Icon's) were really fun but very time consuming. Yes, I have to sit to work on the detailed paintings. I even have to use jewelers glasses now when I work on such details. I also have to lay the paintings flat when I gold leaf them so that the fine gold does not fall away. When I want to paint freely or without any restrictions, then I stand and paint, and usually that is for my larger landscapes. The photos you saw were from last winters show and if you saw my studio...then you would see things everywhere...and a bit messy. I will have to post some photos of my work space somtime soon.
Thanks again,