Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old World Style Floral - "Autumn Song"

"Autumn Song"

This is a mixed media oil painting that I did on artists cotton rag paper.  The paper is 44" x 30" but with the elegant frame, it measures 51 1/2" x 38".  (There is glass on it)   It has an "old world" feel to it and includes lots of interesting little treasures under the texture of the painting, like pieces of old maps, script, gold leaf, and of course a beautiful postage stamp from Rome.   This painting has many layers in the underpainting before I began to paint the bouquet of flowers.  I actually did this one quite a number of years ago, but someone suggested that I post it.  I have had it hanging in my home now for some time and am ready to part with it should it find the right home. 

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Friday, October 30, 2009

HUMMINGBIRD - Broad billed "Ode To Joy"

Broad-billed hummingbird, "Ode To Joy"

This painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and the size is 24" x 6".  The extra deep canvas works well with my hummingbird series of paintings.  This oil painting sold, but I have several new ones in the process of completion that I will be posting.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Floral Series - Orchid

FLORAL SERIES - "Orchid" I love orchids and this is the season for growing them and painting them where I live. This is an oil painting on 24 x 18" canvas. contact:

Monday, October 26, 2009


This is one of my Travel Journals from the set I painted
for a show last year. It is a companion piece to my previous
post titled "Botticelli Venus." The size is 24 x 12" and it
has lots of beautiful collage elements with pieces of an old
map, script, design elements, and gold leaf embellishments.
It includes a beautiful "Polska" postage stamp. Although the
set sold, I will continue to post more of the new
Travel Journals during the next few weeks.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

TRAVEL JOURNAL - "The Three Graces"

TRAVEL JOURNAL - The Three Graces, with Paraguay postage
This is a mixed media painting on gallery wrapped canvas from
my Travel Journal series. It includes gold leaf and collage
elments like Raphael's study for The Three Graces, and a
beautiful postage stamp from Paraguay.
The size is 8 x8" and the edges are painted black. It is
lots of fun to create a memory for someone from their own
travels. I love to collect beautiful stamps from different parts
of the world. My grandfather was a stamp collector and I
remember discovering that long after he had passed. I really
enjoyed looking through all the pages of stamps and thought of them
as little treasures. I started to collect them mainly to incorporate
into my Travel Journal series of paintings.
$ 150.
For more information:
See more on my website at:

Friday, October 23, 2009


TRAVEL JOURNAL with "Algerie" postage stamp This is one of my new mixed media "Travel Journal" pieces on gallery wrapped canvas. It is 12" x 4" and the edges are painted black. I love collecting beautiful postage stamps, and this piece includes one from Algerie. You can collect a series from your favorite places. (Commissions are welcome.) contact: $ 125.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

PARISIAN THEME - "Memories of Montmartre"

"Memories of Montmartre"

This is an oil on canvas of a Parisian theme painting that I
did for my winter show last year at the Celebration of Fine Art.
(It sold, but I did receive a commission off it and decided to also
do some "giclee" prints.) I can do them in a few different
sizes, so please contact me for prices at"

The original is 30"x20". It depicts Sacre'-Couer Montmartre
up in the right hand corner of the painting.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

STILL LIFE - "Nana's Cup"

Oil on canvas panel, "Nana's Cup." 11 x 14"

This is a little painting of a tea cup that has been in my
family for three generations now. I painted it on a
pretty blue table cloth. Contact me for information:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TRAVEL JOURNAL SERIES - "Botticelli Venus"

This is from my "Travel Journal" series. It is a mixed
media painting on canvas with various collage elements,
gold leaf and a beautiful Botticelli Venus postage stamp.
This painting was part of a set of three (24 x 12") that I had at
my last CFA art show. Although the set has sold, I am in the
process of creating about 30 or more of these for my next
Celebration of Fine Art show that opens in January 2010.
(The set was purchased for a collection at the Robert Morris
College in Chicago, which was very exciting for me.)

Each Travel Journal is unique and I will have them available
in various sizes for sale. Many of them have been completed
and I will begin posting them as soon as I get them all
photographed. Each year at this show, I meet so many
wonderful people from all over the world. Many have become
"collectors" of my "Travel Journals." A few people I have
met over the years have been so kind and have sent me old
postage stamps from their own collections, or just from their
travels abroad. It is always a joy to be able to incorporate
something personal like that into a piece of art. I can custom
personalize the paintings for my clients with other things too
that they provide such as old passports, love letters, poems,
or whatever they desire. I incorporate these into my
underpaintings, so the painting becomes more meaningful to
the client. I always finish them off with a beautiful old postgage

Watch for more in this style, and please leave any comments
you have. They are always appreciated.
Happy Travels!

contact me at:

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Contemporary Series - "ALL THAT JAZZ" by Barbara Rudolph

All That Jazz I & II This is a set of two mixed media paintings on canvas. Each one measures 20 x 20" on extra deep canvas. They are full of color and texture and include gold leafed elements. They will look wonderful in a music room. The set is available at one of my galleries. You can contact me at: for more information, and details, or contact the gallery above for purchase info.

Friday, October 9, 2009


"Resting Angel"

This is a mixed media oil painting that I did as part of
my "Contemporary Icon" series. I think it came out
nice and I was pleased when it sold in such a short time
after completion. It has a lot of texture and gold leaf
elements. (Commissions are welcome)

"We may not always be aware of the presence
of angels. We can't always predict how they
will appear. But angels have been said to be
our neighbors. "
(Billy Graham)

I remember a very nice man coming into my booth at
one of my art shows I was doing, and he said to me,
"Dont you know that angels 'never' rest?" It made me
think about that. He ended up becoming a collector of
mine and purchased another painting I had titled,
"Guardian Angel."

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FLORAL SERIES - "The Three Graces"

"The Three Graces"
This is a mixed media painting on 36"x 48" gallery wrapped
canvas. The background was created with many layers of texture
and then painted with a deep red underpainting. Once the
red area dried, then the gold leaf was carefully applied and
burnished in. I then rubbed in several more layers of paint,
washing over the gold leaf, filling in and wiping off over and
over to create an "old world" look. Once the background was
finished I painted the three roses. It is a very striking piece
that fits in well with my "contemporary icon series" too.
This painting is for sale in one of my galleries in Delray Beach,
You can contact me for more information on this painting
or see my links page on my website at:
Commissions in this style are welcome.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009



This is a mixed media oil painting on canvas in a style
that I call my "Contemporary Icon Series." I was painting
a lot of these a few years back and did very well with
them. Over the years I have started to go in a different
direction with my painting, however I still enjoy doing
these occasionally. This one is 36"x 12" and is available
at one of my galleries:
There is a lot of beautiful texture and design elements
in the gold leafed sections and it also has raised gold
mica in areas of the composition. It is an unframed
piece but is on a gallery wrapped canvas that
is painted all around the edges. You can see more in
this style on my website at"

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


This little bird was painted in oil and was 4" x 6". The
original sold, but I have done a series of "giclees" in the
same size on canvas. The price ranges from $150. up for
a framed piece. I can also offer it unframed if you prefer.
He is a real cute little guy I hope you will enjoy.

Friday, October 2, 2009

BIRD SERIES - "Happy Day"

This is an oil painting of an American Goldfinch on gallery
wrapped canvas. The size is 8"x16". It is painted around
the edges and is ready to hang and cheer up any room.
You can contact me at for more information
or to purchase.